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This Skyy Vodka Ad Featuring John Cena Has Got Everyone Talking

David Masifon

BY David Masifon

Drink ads are usually creative and fun to watch but Skyy Vodka has taken the weird part for their American commercial.

The commercial which features WWE Super star John Cena is probably the most awkward 80’s based ad you would come across in 2018.

So there are three John Cenas, one from earth, and the other two are his alien twins (LOL).

The triplet-Cena is obviously in a 90’s themed Backstreet Boys-style video, but instead of singing, he is delivering a lines of poetry.

Read what he says here, maybe we can nominate John for a Nobel Prize for Literature:

Welcome us into your embrace

When we close our eyes, all we see is that gorgeous face
(Hey girl)
Proud and strong out of the red, white, and blue
All we see… is you
(That’s right)
Our beautiful SKYY Blue
(Hey girl)
And if there’s one thing I know I am
(What’s that?)
I’m John Cena
[transitions to normal non-whisper voice]
And I’m proudly American


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